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Excel Accounting Products
Excel Accounting Products

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Are you sales focussed so doing your books is your last priority if at all?

As an entrepreneur who is "sales orientated" you stand a much better chance of surviving after start up by focussing on selling with minimum time spent on admin and doing your books..... 

"The thing is", if you DO have a hand in doing your books you will grow your business faster and be even more successful.  This is a proven fact that you cannot escape, so consider it and make a disciplined decision and commitment.

 You may say to me "but it’s SO NOT MY SKILL and its BORING so it keeps being moved to the bottom of my list of priorities and I have bookkeeper who does them once a year. I can't see how doing my books can help me grow faster or be more successful.

 All that is going to make you change your mind is to actually start doing your books yourself regularly, at least once a month just after month end.

 Not only will this this empower you to grow your business faster, it most likely will save you a fortune in annual bookkeeping fees because the preparation for your bookkeeper will be much more effective and reduce your costs.

 We have been trading successfully for 20 years as a business consultant and developer of systems in MS Excel for small business. Not one of our sales orientated clients who we have successfully convinced to try has told me I was wrong. The success of our own consulting business is solely accredited to this fact.  The majority of the small business sales orientated clients now look forward to month end to be able to do their books again and see what happened with regards to income and expenses and feel so much more empowered and confident as the business owner to make decisions and manage their business.

 When it is easy and logical for the sales entrepreneur to capture the transactions, like it is in the Excel products that figg has developed, and see the results on automated updated reports with every transaction captured is empowering and informative for the improved management of your business, this is proven.  A commitment and discipline to do this can only lead to faster growth and greater profitability.

 The figg Excel Accounting Solutions products are born from 20 years of consulting to sales orientated entrepreneurs from many various industries and developing MS Excel Accounting systems for them.  In addition, the developer of the figg products owns a Guest House as well and the Guest House manager (no accounting experience whatsoever, she is medical technologist) uses the figg products to manage the Guest House finances and loves it.  As a cherry on the cake, we took them to Microsoft and received approval as a Microsoft Business Partner.

 The figg products are so affordable. We at figg have a sincere desire to support small business on a large scale with the figg Excel Accounting Solutions products.  Each time that we demo the products face to face with the Customer it results in a sale and a great support relationship thereafter. Doing demo's one on one is not however reaching the large scale market so come on all you sales orientated entrepreneurs, support us here at figg and let’s get cracking building South Africa's small businesses together.

 You e-mail us, we quote and give you more facts about the product that you want. You order, we invoice, you pay, we e-mail you the smaller file products or send you a download link for the large file products, you watch the video tutorials, read the Operators Instructions and take charge of your business and we support you along the way.  No high faluted support that you could never understand, just hands on professional and honest business at figg.

 You will need internet, e-mail, Skype and Teamviewer for us to support you.

 Yours in figgness,
The figg Team.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


With the new fincial year upon us the demand for simple to use accounting software that caters for the needs of small businesses has increased.

The needs of small business owners differ from those of larger companies.  Limited resources and more specifically time means that small business owners need to look innovatively at how they manage their admin and finances and to this end a product like the Small Business Accounting System developed in MS Excel is ideal for the needs of the average small business owner.

With seven easy to use Excel and Word based figg everyone who wants to grow their business should be using figg.