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Excel Accounting Products
Excel Accounting Products

Monday, July 30, 2012

FIGG | Excel Accounting System to give you control of your finances with a click of a mouse!

August 2012 Newsletter EDITION

Watch us on television on 23 August 2012 at 5.30pm on e-tv and DSTV channel 134 when FIGG will be showcased on It’s My Biz! Make a note in your calendar right now and don’t miss it.

Know what you don’t know about your business finances the
EASY way.
Take away the worry and hassle about learning new systems and settle comfortably into an accounting system that combines the simplicity and power of
MS Excel.
Simple purchase and download from the comfort of your office
or home.

·        Is your accounting system causing you to flush money down the drain?
·        Already using Excel for your bookkeeping?
·        Not doing your books at all?
·        Doing your books because you have to and not to manage your business?

Visit www.figg.co.za and begin your amazing experience with the FIGG Excel accounting products and video tutorials.

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We would love to hear from you.  Our team is on standby to assist you in any way we can with regards to FIGG products and service.  We want to see your business grow as much as we are seeing our business grow.

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Until we speak again, thank you to everyone supporting FIGG  And remember; “Now everyone can go figgure!”

Many thanks

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8 Reasons Why You Could Be Up The Pole

8 Reasons Why You Could Be Up the Pole

What do you do when owning your own business does not reap the rewards that you expected it to?

My business banker and I met the other day just as friends to chat and ended up chatting about people in business and what is and should be important to small business entrepreneurs.

Of course it must go without saying that selling is what it is all about, which will lead to a positive bank balance to be able to pay the bills and enjoy the lifestyle, which is what led us to wanting a business of our own in the first place.

But what happens when the small business owner does not reap the rewards that were expected?  Some try something else, and others keep half killing themselves to sell more, and others stare at the wall and then collapse from exhaustion and disappointment.
And what if the small business can do even better and they know it but don’t know how?
Of course, my banker and I believe in financial management and have lived and seen the difference it can make between success and failure as well as success and more success.
Many entrepreneurs hand their bank statements, invoices and vouchers to their bookkeepers once a month or annually and their bookkeepers either do or don’t send them reports of any meaningful nature to make the difference between success and failure.

We bandied about ideas as to why some entrepreneurs (many who we know) do not accept that financial management must be an integral monthly if not daily task of small business.
And so we settled on the following ideas but I would love to hear from you if we have it all wrong (up the pole) and you can provide other ideas as to why some entrepreneurs don’t do their financials properly.

1.    The idea of recording and analyzing the finances of your business monthly at least, is worse than staring at the wall and collapsing from exhaustion and disappointment.
2.    Being so close to the business, knowing about every cent coming in and going out means that there is no need to analyze financial reports.
3.    Spending money on a bookkeeping system is money down the drain.
4.    The ease of use of a bookkeeping system is non-existent.
5.    No time or inclination to use the reports to analyze where the money is coming from and not coming from, where expenses can be cut and so on.
6.    Selling is their comfort zone and skill and if they are not selling enough, the firm belief is that no amount of bookkeeping is going to change that.
7.    Perhaps entrepreneurs do not want to know what they do not know.
8.    Not paying Income Tax, no need for a bookkeeping system.

Let us know what you think, would love to hear from you if our ideas are wrong or insufficient.
What could change your mind to lead you to doing your books as second priority only to selling?

An easy to use accounting system that allows you to see results immediately and not only after setting up a complicated system and entering mounds of data in 13 different places to end up with inaccurate information or nothing that makes sense anyhow. There is nothing more empowering to be able to manage your business using meaningful and easy to understand reports of your business performance.

If you agree with us, drop us a comment also and take a look at www.figg.co.za to begin fixing what is wrong and keep in touch.  We will help you. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gail Emmerick is Welcomed to the South Africa Business Network

Gail Emmerick Is Welcomed To The South Africa Business Network

GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA,   July 19, 2012 /South Africa Business Network/ -- As a seasoned professional with over two decades of diverse experience, Gail Emmerick has accumulated extensive expertise in the areas of accounting and business operations training, staff management, fraud investigations, financial reporting, financial analysis, business management and development, due diligence and system implementations for start-ups and many other companies..

Nedbank It's My Biz

On 23rd of August 2012 at 17h30 on e-tv or on channel 134 on Dstv our business will be showcased. There is a repeat on at 12h00 the following Thursday 30 August 2012. The promo that shows a snippet of our episode airs the whole week before the 23rd 23 August 2012.

"IT'S MY BIZ" (PREVIOUSLY CALLED 'FIX MY BIZ') is a Nedbank Small Business Services initiative designed to communicate the "Banking and Beyond" strategy of this Nedbank small business division.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Join the FIGG Initiative

Call to invest in the FIGG initiative

Soon after the 2008 global financial crisis, Gail Emmerick began to dedicate her life to a dream of building a business with tools and service to help support less privileged, yet talented people, to start up and run a successful small business of their own.  FIGG Excel Accounting Solutions was born and an incredible team of people have raised it to the summit of the dream.

Aside from the readiness to supply the amazing products with internet links for simple and fast downloading (after overcoming a failed attempt on the way), FIGG has achieved the status of Member of the Microsoft Partner Network, and has been selected for a 30 minute television show that showcases up and coming businesses and inclusion in the World Business Almanac as an honored member of the South African Business Network.  

We are very proud to be in the position to make our first call to business and individuals to please join us in this initiative and e-mail gail.emmerick@figg.co.za for more information or to become an investor in small business to build our economy for ourselves and generations to follow. Please forward this call to any businesses and individuals you know, who can benefit from our offer.

It will be an honor to work for you toward our goals.  Contact gail.emmerick@figg.co.za.

What do you get out of joining this initiative?

Level 1 contributor:  R249.00 per month

  1. A sincere opportunity to contribute toward our economic survival and growth.
  2. A free link on our website to your website or link of your choice.
  3. Exposure on our Facebook, Linked-in and many other websites that we appear on.
  4. A free Household Accounting System for you to control and budget your personal expenses  (market value R499, FIGG price R149)
  5. Your contribution will be invoiced to you monthly and considered a social contribution which in South Africa will contribute toward your own business BBBEE scorecard.
  6. A monthly update of the names and contact details of the people you have contributed to and updates of their progress as a small business.

Level 2 contributor:  R999 per month.

  1. All of level 1 contributor benefits
  2. Free FIGG Small Business Accounting System. (Market value R2499, FIGG price R999)
  3. Exposure on our website page for Level 2 contributors which page link is delivered to thousands of people every day via Twitter and Facebook and Linked-in and many other websites that FIGG is linked to.
4. Free Typing, Proofreading, Transcription, Social media assistance to the value of R50 per month.

Level 3 contributor:  R1499 per month

1.       All of level 1 and 2 contributor benefits
  1. A free FIGG Full Financial Suite. (market value (R4999, FIGG price R1499)
  2. Exposure as a contributor in all our appearances across South Africa and worldwide.

Level 4 contributor:  More than R1499 per month

1.            All of level 1 - 3 contributor benefits
2.            Let’s talk and negotiate additional benefits.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Accounting for non Accountants

Accounting for non Accountants


Gaynor Paynter

When I was approached by a friend to be a dealer of the new product he was supplying, I accepted, generally being pretty much game for anything. Then he said, “it’s an accounting software product.”


I’m a business owner, a transcriptionist, a social media fundi. I’m NOT an accountant, nor a mathematician nor any good at anything that is more than say, 20 + 235.  But he told me that the product is so easy you don’t have to be an accountant to understand it. “It’s in MS Excel,” he said, “and you understand that. “

Yes, I do. And I’d been doing my own invoices in MS Excel for years before.  So here was an opportunity to use an affordable  professional product, in a format that I understood, with the backing of professionals to make it work.  And my friend took me to one side and explained the product from start to finish with me.   Even I can understand a video tutorial, on Youtube, another platform that I understand. And I understood the product and have marketed it to other small business owners.

The line here is thin. Yes, you can hire an accountant to do your work for you, but that costs lots of money and FIGG doesn’t.  Within FIGG there are video tutorials and explanatory notes – you can go through them at your leisure and you aren’t paying your accountant by the hour as he explains things to you.  Part of what FIGG does, is encourage and assist businesses to grow – and every product they provide is geared to do this from the sales forecast (let’s face it, which small business owner even DOES a sales forecast, let alone uses a professional system to do it – and imagine the profits if we all did this properly)  to the budget to the household accounting system, a product which you can give to your teenager to teach him or her about household responsibilities.

Gaynor Paynter is the owner of Typewrite Transcription and Typing Services CC providing a full virtual and online marketing suite of services from typing and transcription services to accounting solutions through FIGG Excel Accounting Solutions