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Monday, July 30, 2012

FIGG | Excel Accounting System to give you control of your finances with a click of a mouse!

August 2012 Newsletter EDITION

Watch us on television on 23 August 2012 at 5.30pm on e-tv and DSTV channel 134 when FIGG will be showcased on It’s My Biz! Make a note in your calendar right now and don’t miss it.

Know what you don’t know about your business finances the
EASY way.
Take away the worry and hassle about learning new systems and settle comfortably into an accounting system that combines the simplicity and power of
MS Excel.
Simple purchase and download from the comfort of your office
or home.

·        Is your accounting system causing you to flush money down the drain?
·        Already using Excel for your bookkeeping?
·        Not doing your books at all?
·        Doing your books because you have to and not to manage your business?

Visit www.figg.co.za and begin your amazing experience with the FIGG Excel accounting products and video tutorials.

Contact Us
We would love to hear from you.  Our team is on standby to assist you in any way we can with regards to FIGG products and service.  We want to see your business grow as much as we are seeing our business grow.

Email: info@figg.co.za
Skype:  info_figg
Web Address:  www.figg.co.za
Twitter: @figgexcel
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FiggExcelAccounting
Blog:  http://figgexcelaccounting.blogspot.com/

Until we speak again, thank you to everyone supporting FIGG  And remember; “Now everyone can go figgure!”

Many thanks

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Monthly Newsletter
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8 Reasons Why You Could Be Up The Pole

8 Reasons Why You Could Be Up the Pole

What do you do when owning your own business does not reap the rewards that you expected it to?

My business banker and I met the other day just as friends to chat and ended up chatting about people in business and what is and should be important to small business entrepreneurs.

Of course it must go without saying that selling is what it is all about, which will lead to a positive bank balance to be able to pay the bills and enjoy the lifestyle, which is what led us to wanting a business of our own in the first place.

But what happens when the small business owner does not reap the rewards that were expected?  Some try something else, and others keep half killing themselves to sell more, and others stare at the wall and then collapse from exhaustion and disappointment.
And what if the small business can do even better and they know it but don’t know how?
Of course, my banker and I believe in financial management and have lived and seen the difference it can make between success and failure as well as success and more success.
Many entrepreneurs hand their bank statements, invoices and vouchers to their bookkeepers once a month or annually and their bookkeepers either do or don’t send them reports of any meaningful nature to make the difference between success and failure.

We bandied about ideas as to why some entrepreneurs (many who we know) do not accept that financial management must be an integral monthly if not daily task of small business.
And so we settled on the following ideas but I would love to hear from you if we have it all wrong (up the pole) and you can provide other ideas as to why some entrepreneurs don’t do their financials properly.

1.    The idea of recording and analyzing the finances of your business monthly at least, is worse than staring at the wall and collapsing from exhaustion and disappointment.
2.    Being so close to the business, knowing about every cent coming in and going out means that there is no need to analyze financial reports.
3.    Spending money on a bookkeeping system is money down the drain.
4.    The ease of use of a bookkeeping system is non-existent.
5.    No time or inclination to use the reports to analyze where the money is coming from and not coming from, where expenses can be cut and so on.
6.    Selling is their comfort zone and skill and if they are not selling enough, the firm belief is that no amount of bookkeeping is going to change that.
7.    Perhaps entrepreneurs do not want to know what they do not know.
8.    Not paying Income Tax, no need for a bookkeeping system.

Let us know what you think, would love to hear from you if our ideas are wrong or insufficient.
What could change your mind to lead you to doing your books as second priority only to selling?

An easy to use accounting system that allows you to see results immediately and not only after setting up a complicated system and entering mounds of data in 13 different places to end up with inaccurate information or nothing that makes sense anyhow. There is nothing more empowering to be able to manage your business using meaningful and easy to understand reports of your business performance.

If you agree with us, drop us a comment also and take a look at www.figg.co.za to begin fixing what is wrong and keep in touch.  We will help you. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gail Emmerick is Welcomed to the South Africa Business Network

Gail Emmerick Is Welcomed To The South Africa Business Network

GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA,   July 19, 2012 /South Africa Business Network/ -- As a seasoned professional with over two decades of diverse experience, Gail Emmerick has accumulated extensive expertise in the areas of accounting and business operations training, staff management, fraud investigations, financial reporting, financial analysis, business management and development, due diligence and system implementations for start-ups and many other companies..

Nedbank It's My Biz

On 23rd of August 2012 at 17h30 on e-tv or on channel 134 on Dstv our business will be showcased. There is a repeat on at 12h00 the following Thursday 30 August 2012. The promo that shows a snippet of our episode airs the whole week before the 23rd 23 August 2012.

"IT'S MY BIZ" (PREVIOUSLY CALLED 'FIX MY BIZ') is a Nedbank Small Business Services initiative designed to communicate the "Banking and Beyond" strategy of this Nedbank small business division.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Join the FIGG Initiative

Call to invest in the FIGG initiative

Soon after the 2008 global financial crisis, Gail Emmerick began to dedicate her life to a dream of building a business with tools and service to help support less privileged, yet talented people, to start up and run a successful small business of their own.  FIGG Excel Accounting Solutions was born and an incredible team of people have raised it to the summit of the dream.

Aside from the readiness to supply the amazing products with internet links for simple and fast downloading (after overcoming a failed attempt on the way), FIGG has achieved the status of Member of the Microsoft Partner Network, and has been selected for a 30 minute television show that showcases up and coming businesses and inclusion in the World Business Almanac as an honored member of the South African Business Network.  

We are very proud to be in the position to make our first call to business and individuals to please join us in this initiative and e-mail gail.emmerick@figg.co.za for more information or to become an investor in small business to build our economy for ourselves and generations to follow. Please forward this call to any businesses and individuals you know, who can benefit from our offer.

It will be an honor to work for you toward our goals.  Contact gail.emmerick@figg.co.za.

What do you get out of joining this initiative?

Level 1 contributor:  R249.00 per month

  1. A sincere opportunity to contribute toward our economic survival and growth.
  2. A free link on our website to your website or link of your choice.
  3. Exposure on our Facebook, Linked-in and many other websites that we appear on.
  4. A free Household Accounting System for you to control and budget your personal expenses  (market value R499, FIGG price R149)
  5. Your contribution will be invoiced to you monthly and considered a social contribution which in South Africa will contribute toward your own business BBBEE scorecard.
  6. A monthly update of the names and contact details of the people you have contributed to and updates of their progress as a small business.

Level 2 contributor:  R999 per month.

  1. All of level 1 contributor benefits
  2. Free FIGG Small Business Accounting System. (Market value R2499, FIGG price R999)
  3. Exposure on our website page for Level 2 contributors which page link is delivered to thousands of people every day via Twitter and Facebook and Linked-in and many other websites that FIGG is linked to.
4. Free Typing, Proofreading, Transcription, Social media assistance to the value of R50 per month.

Level 3 contributor:  R1499 per month

1.       All of level 1 and 2 contributor benefits
  1. A free FIGG Full Financial Suite. (market value (R4999, FIGG price R1499)
  2. Exposure as a contributor in all our appearances across South Africa and worldwide.

Level 4 contributor:  More than R1499 per month

1.            All of level 1 - 3 contributor benefits
2.            Let’s talk and negotiate additional benefits.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Accounting for non Accountants

Accounting for non Accountants


Gaynor Paynter

When I was approached by a friend to be a dealer of the new product he was supplying, I accepted, generally being pretty much game for anything. Then he said, “it’s an accounting software product.”


I’m a business owner, a transcriptionist, a social media fundi. I’m NOT an accountant, nor a mathematician nor any good at anything that is more than say, 20 + 235.  But he told me that the product is so easy you don’t have to be an accountant to understand it. “It’s in MS Excel,” he said, “and you understand that. “

Yes, I do. And I’d been doing my own invoices in MS Excel for years before.  So here was an opportunity to use an affordable  professional product, in a format that I understood, with the backing of professionals to make it work.  And my friend took me to one side and explained the product from start to finish with me.   Even I can understand a video tutorial, on Youtube, another platform that I understand. And I understood the product and have marketed it to other small business owners.

The line here is thin. Yes, you can hire an accountant to do your work for you, but that costs lots of money and FIGG doesn’t.  Within FIGG there are video tutorials and explanatory notes – you can go through them at your leisure and you aren’t paying your accountant by the hour as he explains things to you.  Part of what FIGG does, is encourage and assist businesses to grow – and every product they provide is geared to do this from the sales forecast (let’s face it, which small business owner even DOES a sales forecast, let alone uses a professional system to do it – and imagine the profits if we all did this properly)  to the budget to the household accounting system, a product which you can give to your teenager to teach him or her about household responsibilities.

Gaynor Paynter is the owner of Typewrite Transcription and Typing Services CC providing a full virtual and online marketing suite of services from typing and transcription services to accounting solutions through FIGG Excel Accounting Solutions

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Growing Up


Anyone out there who lives with the combination of a teenager and owning their own business may relate to this article. Even if you don’t have the teenager hanging on, you have been there yourself so in some way you will be able to relate.

Looking back on the teenage years, we remember the moments of confusion, frustration, ‘knowing it all’ then the realization that there is one huge world out there and you are one small fish. 

Growing up - growing passion.

Let’s take the analogy and apply it to your small business. Having a business that is your own can in many ways be like having that difficult teenager. There are times when all is hunky dory and the cash flow is great the customers love you and the world is your oyster, then comes along that difficult transaction that you know you shouldn’t have got into, that deal that has the potential to sink you and then it’s not that rosy out there.  Well just like with many kids a good solid start in life goes a long way to weathering the storms of life especially when the parents are no longer there to guide and protect, and so with your business a solid grounding is vital to ensuring that your business weathers those tough times.  By having your books in order, the legal side of things in order, a healthy relationship with the tax man, and a good idea of the financial health of your business will enhance your chances of making it through those rough times.

Gail Emmerick, a Forensic Auditor, Business Consultant and developer of the acclaimed FIGG Excel Accounting Solutions products had just this in mind when she developed the products that are now available to anyone who would like to better manage and control their business.  She has a real understanding of the weak points and challenges that face small business owners, and has incorporated all the relevant tools necessary to ensure your business grows and strengthens.  To do this she has focused on empowerment through educating. Many of the tools come with full explanations of what should be posted into which account, what x,y  and z terms mean and why you need to do certain things in your business - quite remarkable when you think of it.

Like with the difficult teenager, it is great to have someone who you can talk to and have the tools available to manage that Teen challenge, and so as your business grows from the child phase to the teen phase and later the adult phase make sure that you give your business the grounding it needs to survive, and then make sure you use tools such as those developed by Gail Emmerick to turn your business into something that is strong and healthy.

Make contact with Gail and speak to her about how FIGG can help you.  Email info@figg.co.za

<><> <><> <><> <><>

Brendon Burmester is the owner of Inspire Small Business

He can be contacted at info@inspiresmallbusiness.co.za


Friday, June 1, 2012


I was inspired by an article that appeared in one of the local small business publications that talked about the challenges that we as entrepreneurs face especially during these more difficult economic times and of course that got me thinking..


It’s certainly no bed of roses, in the days when you may have been employed think of all the decisions that the boss made without you having to even know about, now you are the boss.  And when people said that it takes tenacity and hard work with incredible focus to get to the top, did you ever really believe them?  But looking back I’m sure you can appreciate where you have got to and how far you still have to go, but hey, that is why we are here, we’re in it for the long run..


…in it for the long run, growing up as part of the X Generation we certainly grasped the concept of instant gratification, that was what it was all about, get in the car at a time when petrol was so cheap and go where ever you wanted, TV had just hit the scene and in the 80’s many of the X generation were already being fed TV as a staple diet, then came Mnet, Video Machines and Fax Machines and some of us even had computers at school, we really got into the instant stuff, but one thing that we missed out on was learning to communicate effectively, of course a huge generalization but still quite accurate, and so the 30 somethings like myself grapple with that. 

All I can say is force yourself, acknowledge your weakness and push through, but realise that if you don’t improve that skill it will get you into stacks of trouble. Communicating clearly with Customers and Suppliers is a challenge, I often sit back and think about some of the mess ups I have made and I ask myself how much of this was as a result of poor communication and people hearing but not listening.  Do you hear or do you really listen?


We all need someone we can trust to spill the beans to, both on the personal and the business front, especially in small business the realms of personal and business collide more regularly than in an office/ corporate environment where the mighty board sit and spill their beans while the rest of the worker bees buzz away at their corporate stuff keeping work at work and personal at home.

 Running a small business means that in many cases you are the business and in my case we are the business, and I have a mentor that I can trust with my life, wow that’s few and far between but it hasn’t been an easy ride.  That trust thing - not that simple, saying it as it is - also not that simple, but if it wasn’t for my mentor and friend I think I’d be back buzzing away aimlessly as a worker bee in the hive of a corporate company probably wondering what the purpose of all this buzzing is.  So actively look for that mentor and learn to spew it out..


Do you want this, or has it got too tough?  Sticking to THE PROJECT your main business, your vision and your passion must be the most difficult aspect of running your own business.  When those big deals fall through and the pending break though results in bitter disappointment, you need to ask yourself ‘Is this what I really want?’ 

Really wanting this life of a small business owner, life of the small guy with big dreams slogging at it with no results getting yourself so bogged down that you forget to lift your head up, and see how much progress you have made and how close you actually are to the big break.  Well at the end of the day it’s like that walk in the Drakensberg where you see the destination ‘not far off’ while it is actually kilometers away, ‘they’ say 1000 days and ‘they’ are probably quite close to the truth, 1000 days of persistence and growing and learning and experiencing something that more and more South Africans are experiencing.  All I can say what a blast and what a ride … stick to it and work at it you will start to see the fruits of your labour..

Brendon Burmester
Follow on Twitter @figgexcel

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New figg Excel Accounting Website

figg Excel Accounting Solutions have relaunched their website and it is now much more functional for the end user. 

With enhanced features such as the ability to purchase these financial solutions from the website, you can download all SA’s easiest accounting system within minutes. 

 Finally an accounting system for small businesses in MS Excel which is easy to use and easily accessible. Download this Microsoft approved accounting system now.

figg Excel Accounting Solutions - now everyone can go figgure!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

figg Excel Accounting webinar

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the figg Excel Accounting webinar being held on Friday 18 May at 10 am (South African time - +2 GMT)

This your opportunity to talk live to the developers and find out more about accounting for small businesses. Every small business needs a reliable, effective accounting system and our products include the full financial suite, the small business accounting system, business admin documents, trial balance, sales forecast and even a household accounting system for your accounting at home. Come along to hear Gail Emmerick, the developer of the figg Excel Accounting Products, talk about how best to engage with these systems in your business. 

Finally an accounting system for small businesses in MS Excel.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

South Africa Business Network professional recognition

The South Africa Business Network recognises Gail Emmerick as an honoured member. The above named individual has qualified for inclusion in the 2012 edition of The World Business Almanac. Inclusion is limited to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership or achievement in their occupation, industry or profession. Gail Emmerick is the developer of the figg Excel Accounting products.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Accounting product trial versions now available

Download a 30 day trial of the figg Excel Accounting products and video tutorials and begin using them today.  The trial is a full version, no difference. When you are happy with the accounting product/s you pay for them and the conversion to a paid product is seamless, you can just continue to work in them, you will not lose any of the data you have entered into the trial.

The business was started 13 years ago as a Business Operations Consulting service including recruiting of staff for clients consulted to, implementation of ERP systems, business re-engineering for mergers, acquisitions, new business divisions and subsidiaries and fraud investigations.

The business evolved into development of Accounting tools in MS Excel ideal focusing on simple steps for data entry to deliver sophisticated tools for the management of Income, Expenses, Assets and Liabilities of a business.

When the Excel Accounting tools were approved by Microsoft and figg gained the status of a Microsoft Business Partner, the tools were taken to market and can now be downloaded from the website www.figg.co.za including a trial version.

The business has 6 staff members http://www.figg.co.za/home/ourteam.htm

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nedbank It's My Biz Show.

figg Excel Accounting Solutions has been selected for the Nedbank Sponsored It’s my Biz show. We have a 30 minute slot which includes:

1.       1st filming - An interview with me at our offices to discuss the business and where we want to take it (I asked in my initial application and interviews that followed for help with retail and then also corporate sponsorship to get it to small business who can’t afford it)
2.       2nd filming - A meeting with consultants who will advise
3.       3rd filming - A follow up interview with me at our offices I think 3 months later to find out if the consultants helped us.

We believe that this is a huge advantage since it is in Nedbank and the whole purpose of the show to help us to succeed.

Filming of the first interview is Thursday 3 May 2012.  We will let you know when the show will be flighted but it will also be posted on
1.       and on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FiggExcelAccounting
2.       Our You tube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/FIGGEXCEL
3.       Nedbank’s You tube channel

Many thanks for your support to date, couldn’t have done this without our Customers and friends.

Friday, April 27, 2012

We are proud to announce that we are now a preferred supplier of accounting products to guest houses in South Africa!! 

Because our products were developed by an accountant for use in her own guest house, this makes a perfect pairing.

If you have a guest house, contact us today. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

figg Excel Accounting Solutions partner Brendon Burmester chats about what makes him tick

We spoke to Brendon Burmester, partner in the figg Excel Accounting Solutions business, about his views on being an entrepreneur, what drove him to start figg, and a whole bunch of other things!

You come from a training and teaching background, tell us something of your background and history that influenced where you are today. 

Teaching and training have given me the types of people skills and organisational skills required to manage the business of figg. I’m in no way saying I’ve got all the skills but they both have provided me with an excellent base.

What motivated you to get figg Excel Accounting Solutions started as opposed to another business in another industry, and what skills do you draw on from your background in your current life? 

This is one of the ironies of life – one of my pet bug bears has been accounting and numbers. Give me something highly creative to do and I’m there but accounting???  So when the opportunity came up to get involved in figg it was my opportunity to confront my fears but also to get involved in the creative side of developing a new product from scratch. VERY exciting stuff.

The name figg is interesting as opposed to something generic and descriptive, how did the name figg come about? Tell us something about figg. 

Deciding on figg was a group effort. Firstly we spelt the name of the fruit incorrectly in order for it to stick in one’s mind and secondly we chose the figg because the word fits in well with figures –

What three pieces of advice would you give to others who want to become entrepreneurs?  

Focusing on what you want to achieve – I speak from the experience of being everywhere and traditionally being multi focused.  Live your product. The best form of marketing is word of mouth so every opportunity is a moment to sell and everyone is a potential customer.  Plan carefully and source good reliable suppliers. If you don’t you can waste a lot of money.

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur? 

Ability to network, focus,  stickability!!!

What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them? 

I have at times not effectively put my mind to a single task at a time meaning that in the past jobs get left undone, another failure has been that of effectively using contacts – a work in progress.

What motivates you? 

Seeing this amazing brand growing into something that becomes the preferred choice for small businesses.

How far are you willing to go to succeed? 

All the way!

What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear? 

I don’t have a greatest fear – fear grips one and paralyses one’s ability to look forward and to see a way out.

Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur? 

Nope, if there was then this would have been a walk in the park.

If you could talk to one person from history, who would it be and why? 

Hitler – don’t get me wrong at all, I certainly don’t follow the far right neo nazi movement or support any of the incredibly evil things he did, but what fascinates me about the man is his ability to have misled so many people and get into the hearts of so many Germans.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur? 

The freedom it gives one to expand your mind and grow in the direction life chooses for you rather than being dictated by the rules and regulations of a corporate environment.

How do you go about marketing your business? What has been your most successful form of marketing? 

Online Online Online, Facebook Promotions and competitions, Linked In and Twitter, and flyers – slow but effective – as with any marketing it is about consistency and shoving your brand into people’s faces so that you shout louder than the rest..

In South Africa, CSI has a big role to play. Do you see figg as having a role to play in corporate social investment? 

Most certainly, in time we will grow that part of the business, the fact is that many South Africans need a helping hand a way out of their situation and a lot of it revolves around money and managing money effectively – exactly what figg is all about!
·  Excluding yours, what company or business do you admire the most? Woolworths – I like their approach to business, the ethical, quality, ‘get into the hearts of South African’s’ approach

Join Brendon and his partner Gail Emmerick on Friday 4 May as they give a live online demonstration of their products.  

Brendon Burmester is also the Director of the acclaimed Jozi Film Festival a one of a kind film festival in South Africa which aims to become the first stop in film for local and international Film Makers and Industry Professionals, providing a platform for up and coming South African Film Makers.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Monthly Newsletter


Welcome to my latest update on the happenings of figg Excel 

Accounting Solutions and our team.


1.  Each month, a testimonial from a figg client is chosen, to distribute in our 
Newsletter as well as our Facebook page and blog, sister blogs and preferred 
supplier listings etc.

2.  This publishing offers our clients a value add for exposure 
of their own 
businesses.  The testimonial chosen for April is from one of 3 clients who 
purchased the figg Small Business Accounting System on the day of the 
figg launch almost 1 year ago. Thank you Beth, we continue to work 
for you and all our clients to live up to your testimonial.

This is what Beth had to say:

The figg accounting system has been brilliantly designed for sole proprietors and small businesses where it is not always possible to separate out business from personal expenses.  I have saved an enormous amount of time since using it. While I have always used my own Excel system this takes my financials to another level and saves hours of manual input of data. The support and help I have received from figg has been outstanding. Not only with videos but prompt Skype and email help when I needed it. I can now generate my own income statement and trial balance if I need to. I really like the checks and balances that have been built into the system so that you can see if you’re doing something wrong. I feel that my business is on a sounder level and that I can grow with confidence knowing that my financial systems are well-managed.

Owner at Beth Horner & Associates
South Africa • Professional Training & Coaching

3.  The figg website www.figg.co.zahas been upgraded and we are very proud to present it.  Please refresh the website a few times to activate the updates, if it is already in your browser.

4.  The figg video tutorials are new and improved on the You Tube channel FIGGEXCEL

5.  We are very proud to announce that figg is now the preferred supplier of Accounting Software for Guest Houses with Guest House Accommodation of South Africa, GHASA.    http://www.ghasa.co.za/resources.aspx.  Over the past 19 years, GHASA has become well known as experts in quality guest house accommodation, offering many benefits, assistance and valued advice to members, as well as booking opportunities for travelers.

6.  Congratulations to Chantel Collings, the winner of the 1st prize (the figg Small Business Accounting System valued at R999.00, soon going to be selling for R1499) figg competition run on Facebook.  Yasmina Steyn was our second prize winner (the figg Household Accounting System currently selling for R149.00 soon going to be selling for R349) Keep a close eye on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/figgexcelaccounting for more competitions to win a figg product!

7.  Gaynor was awarded figg Dealer of the Year.  Well done Gaynor and thank you

8.  Jackie joined us in April to lead Operations and Support, welcome Jackie, your attention to detail and commitment to figg is already being experienced by the team.

9.  Thank you to all who joined the figg live Facebook chat held on Friday 30 March 2012.  I enjoyed answering your questions and chatting with you all tremendously. Notice will be sent to you shortly of our next live Facebook Q&A session.

10.  Join us for our figg Demo Webinar on 4 May 2012 at 10am SA time, where you can interact with the figg team, watch the products working live and find out more. Send through a Skype Contact request to the figg Skype address: info_figg and please be sure to tell us on the Skype invite that you would like to join the figg demo Webinar. We'll be making use of www.screenleap.com for the visual and Skype for the audio to conduct the session.

Overcoming Challenges

The challenges for figg to grow through have been enormous.  “Finding a way” and pushing through and over challenges leads to an even stronger position for figg to support customers with their challenges through our own experience:
  • Shocking service from Telkom, Vodacom and MTN. 
  • Attempted customer credit card fraud.
  • Some suppliers just disappearing has been to the extent of it being hilariously funny that there are people like this who exist. 
 What would we do without a sense of humor!?

Into the near future
  1. figg products available in retail in box packaging on CD
    – take a look at 
    http://www.figg.co.za/products.htmlto view photos of the boxes.
  2. Much more aggressive online marketing when the formal licensing of products development is ready (May 2012)          
  3. Converting all small business entrepreneurs into figg’s!
  4. Keep a close eye on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/figgExcelAccounting:
    1. For more competitions to win figg products!
    2. For the schedule of webinar sessions to be arranged to see the products in action live with Q&A’s.
    3. For the schedule of live Q&A sessions.

Until we speak again, thank you to everyone supporting figg to lead us to (using Beth’s words) “growing small business, with confidence knowing that the financial systems are well-managed”.  And remember; “Now everyone can go figgure!”

Many thanks,